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  • What Would You Do if You Found Out Your Kid’s Babysitter Was Also a…

    June 26th, 2014
    Shameless shot of Molly, whose babysitters do not moonlight in strip clubs

    Shameless shot of Molly, whose babysitters do not moonlight in strip clubs (as far as I know)


    My friend, who has three little kids, recently found out that the reason her once-regular sitter hasn’t been available many Saturday nights lately is because she’s also been—wait for it—stripping. Once I picked my jaw up off the ground I jokingly asked if her husband ran into the babysitter at a strip club while there entertaining clients or something. That would have been amazing. But the revelation was a far less made-for-the-movies moment (and no, her husband does not frequent strip clubs). It happened when my friend had gotten home from dinner and was asking the babysitter about her plans for the following weekend. The sitter hedged a little and then came out with it: she’d been working in a high-end strip club. As a hostess? Nope. As a bare-it (almost) all dancer. I know my friend pays well but apparently not as well as the sweaty, drunk businessmen with wads of bills in their hands. Yowza.

    My first question: Does she have an amazing body? Apparently she’s thin as a rail and not at all voluptuous as you might expect someone who strips to be. Interesting. My second: Are you going to keep using her? The sitter wasn’t full-time or even working very regular lately but my friend liked her and her kids liked her and she was reliable. They trusted her. Now they’re a little conflicted as it seems that perhaps she isn’t the best decision-maker. I don’t want to offend anyone so I’m trying to tread lightly here but I understand why you wouldn’t necessarily want someone who takes her clothes off for money hanging around your house and your kids. (And your husband, but that’s another post for another time…). Strip clubs aren’t the most savory of places and someone who’s rubbing elbows and other body parts with horny dudes isn’t the person I’d want watching my children. Maybe I’ve seen too many movies with characters who strip but what if one of her customers was stalking her and came to the house?!

    But then again, good help is really hard to find and when Friday night rolls around and mom and dad need a break, sometimes we lower our standards. That said, just because this person is stripping doesn’t mean she’s a bad or unsavory person at all. Plus, my friend already has an established relationship with this person. It’s not like she showed up looking for a babysitting job and listed “stripper” on the top of her resumé. I have two sitters I absolutely adore and if either of them started stripping I might be inclined to keep them on. But first I’d offer them a raise so they didn’t feel compelled to take off their clothes. You hear that, Jenny and Jamiee?! Please don’t strip! Come to me first! I know you should judge the person and not the profession but when kids are involved and suddenly you’re talking nakedness and groping men, I’m just not sure I’d be comfortable. And I’m curious to hear what you would do in this case. Would you continue to have her babysit? Is it prude and judgmental to not want someone who strips to watch your kids? Keep in mind this is not someone who used to strip, this is a person currently doing it. Let’s discuss!



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