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  • The Gender Reveal…

    May 21st, 2013
    At our Mother's Day brunch--next year we'll be a family of five!

    At our Mother’s Day brunch–next year we’ll be a family of five!

    For us the question wasn’t if we were going to find out the sex of our third, it was when. And how. I know two people who’ve recently had gender reveal showers—they have pink- and blue-themed drinks and snacks and decor and place bets and then there’s a big balloon launch or cake cutting ceremony and the color of said balloons or cake reveals the sex. I think that’s a really cute idea for your first…if you can handle learning that information in front of all your friends and family. I’ve always wanted to find out privately so I have time to process the info (what if one of you were disappointed and it showed?!). With Alex and Nora, the technician at the 20-week sono told us in a very nonchalant way and then we called/texted/emailed our family and friends after the fact. But this time I was up for having a little fun.

    Here’s what we did: As I mentioned, I had a chromosome blood test done at 10 weeks that, in addition to other more important things, determined the sex. The doctor wrote it on a piece of paper and stuck it in an envelope. I wasn’t too anxious to open it but everyone else in our families desperately wanted us to. So we came up with a plan. Over Mother’s Day weekend we were down in Florida for a quick family getaway. Nick’s mom met us there for a glorious few days of fun and sun. We hit the ocean, the pool, we played golf, we went to Disney and, most importantly, we got to be with my MIL on Mother’s Day, which I don’t think has happened ever since I’ve known Nick. Her present: The envelope. She cried when we told her what it was and that we wanted her to open it and read it to all of us. We are her only source of grandkids and this is definitely going to be her last so it was extra special. We had a big dinner with the kids and all went around the table taking bets on what it was (Nora’s I-refuse-to-be-wrong response: “I think it’s going to be a girl…OR a boy.”) Then Debbie opened the envelope and gasped and turned the paper around and scrawled in little doctor writing was…


    We’re having another girl! After we let it sink in for a few minutes,we called my family who were all at my parents’ for dinner. They put us on speaker and on the count of three Alex and Nora shouted “It’s a girl!”  When we first found out we were all kind of shocked. I think deep down I’ve been rooting for a girl all along but after writing my list of reasons I wanted a boy versus a girl, I was starting to like the idea of a boy (i.e. that they are way easier than girls). And Nick and Alex, because they are boys among other reasons, were thinking it would definitely be a boy. I honestly don’t think anyone expected to see girl on that paper although in retrospect, it makes perfect sense (I’ve felt much more icky belly with this pregnancy than with Alex and I also look like crap and don’t they say girls steal your beauty?). We are all thrilled, of course, (and would have been either way), and I think the family dynamic is going to be awesome. Mostly, I am pumped for one reason: My daughters will have a sister. And, as I’ve said, there’s nothing better (yes, I’m biased). So now I have to give away Alex’s old clothes which will free up some storage space and start taking better care of Nora’s clothes and brace myself for more pink (ack!) and, perhaps, take a class in doing hair. At the very least I need to learn how to French braid. I have till November. Stay tuned!

    P.S.: As you may have heard, Parenting magazine and were bought by another publishing company and the magazine—where I’ve had a writing contract for years—has been closed. The July issue will be the last. Still no word on the fate of or Mom Without a Filter so please check back here often for updates. I promise to keep you posted!


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  • Congrats Erin! I was kind of rooting for a girl with my upcoming bundle, too, just for a change of pace, but was actually a little relieved when I found out it’s another boy… because I won’t ever be responsible for a teenage girl-person. That said, I know I’d have risen to the challenge, and you’re already obviously rocking the girl-rearing business, so go girls! And yes, sisters! So fun. Sisters seem to have really special relationships; I know you’re super close with yours. Here’s to more great Zammett/Ruddy ladies. So happy for y’all. :-)

  • congratulations! I have no girls, obvs, but I DO know how to make a French braid. If you need lessons.

  • OH YAY!!!! So happy for you guys and for that lucky little girl!

  • Congrats! So exciting!!

  • Congratulations to you! It’s all testosterone for me over here! Best of luck for a safr, healthy, and happy pregnancy.

  • Congratulations Erin! I’m a long-time reader-all the way back to your “Glamour” cancer column days and I’m so happy for you guys!

    I’m also glad to discover you have your own blog, since I didn’t know what was happening with I’ll add you to my blog roll. XO

  • Yay for sisters! I waffle back and forth between really wanting our (possible) third to be a girl so my daughter has a sister and thinking that’s not fair to my boy. But in my experience brothers just aren’t *quite* as close and I can’t imagine not having my sisters!

  • Congrats to you and your family. I’m sorry to hear about Parenting. I just finally signed up for a subscription and some of the cooking tips within were so great for my family.

  • Exciting! Girls do stay closer to their family…

    Girls are your girls for your entire life,
    boys are your boys until they take a wife! :)

    Congrats on your new addition!

  • Ahhh! Congratulations!!!

    I had no idea about Parenting – be sure to keep us posted!

  • Hey – congrats on the girl! Also, this is unrelated, but did I remember reading that you had bad experiences with a volleyball coach in the 90s? Is she the one that’s now at rutgers? I wonder if you still feel afraid to talk about it, or what you think about it all?

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