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  • Facebook Statuses I Didn’t Post

    April 12th, 2013

    I almost posted this last night (Our ode-to-summer dinner: spaghetti with fresh pesto, tomato/mozzerella/shallot salad, grilled chicken sausage and asparagus) but I don’t really like the photo so I passed. Man, was it tasty though.

    This is the stuff that’s been on my mind lately that, for one reason or another, didn’t make my feed. These updates would likely have been too dull, a tad mean, perhaps incriminating, TMI. But since it’s Friday and, as you’ll see, I’ve had a lot flowing through my noggin, I thought today would be a good day to unload. So here are the statuses I’ve drafted in my head but spared you from this week. Let the oversharing begin!

    • Too soon, Mr. Ice Cream Man, too %$&! soon.
    • I kind of wish my kids were born on dates that were easier to remember. I feel like a real idiot when I screw them up (or have to count on my hands) every single time I’m asked at the pharmacy and doctor’s office. 9/2/07? I mean, c’mon.
    • A man in the bagel store this morning told me he always had a thing for redheads. My response: “I wish I had known, I would have brushed my hair before I left the house.”
    • Flat everything, scallion cream cheese, large coffee. It doesn’t get any better in my book.
    • Time to hide some folks.
    • I have eaten my weight in goldfish this week. More on that later.
    • Does anyone else watch The Mindy Project? Love, love love. Love. And the male nurse, who at first I thought would annoy me, might be my favorite.
    • Is there anything better than sending a wishful last-minute text to your sitter—“any chance you’re available tonight?”—and getting this in response: “Sure! What time?” In other news, anyone want to do dinner tonight?!
    • I sent Nora to school today wearing Alex’s giant transformer underwear because every single pair of hers (and she has about 40) are dirty. Guess it’s time.
    • I can say with confidence that peeling a hardboiled egg is the culinary skill I lack the most. And by lack I mean my blood boils every time I start chipping away at shell and half the whites come off with it. Am I missing something?! Not a good way to start the day!
    • Loved Zero Dark Thirty but mostly it made me miss Homeland.
    • Does anyone else find organic peanut butter really, really—gulp—really hard to swallow? It’s yummy, but man if I don’t feel like my throat is closing when I eat it.
    • Is there anything worse than when people, who shall remain nameless, go to non-bank ATMS and rack up insane fees both from the non-bank ATM and their own bank? I mean how hard is it to drive to the effing bank? (I’d tag Nick Ruddy here)
    • Nora just told Alex to “shut the you-know-what up.” And by “you-know-what” I don’t mean heck. Or hell. I mean the really, really bad one. We do let the curse words slip in this house but we have never, not ever, said that phrase. Dad? Aunt Mimi?
    • New neighbors about to move in. Excited to meet them; bummed to have to stop walking around naked with the curtains open in my bedroom.
    • Alex is working on his speech (saying his sh words properly, specifically) and I caught him in the bathroom in front of the mirror going, “Sh Sh Shut up Nora, Sh Sh Shut up Nora.” It didn’t have the heart to stop him.
    • Nora just asked me who my favorite friend at work is. Um, facebook? Jezebel? The FedEx guy?

    Alright, that’s about all I got. Hope you all had a great week. If you’ve got any FB out takes you’d like to share, fire away. Happy Friday, enjoy the weekend. Talk to you next week! Oh, and I added a few more photos to the Mets dinner post. Check em out! 


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  • HILARIOUS Erin – had some good laughs over that read. You are so funny and i always relate to you!

  • Love it! You’re oh so mean, now I need an everything bagel with scallion cream cheese, stat.

    Also, I am a total evangelist for my online checking accounts (Ally and Schwab) that allow you to use ANY ATM, and also refund any fees that you have to pay to use the ATM. I know it can be a pain to switch over all of your automatic bill pay, but those really don’t take much time to change, and it’s so worth it to never again pay any bank for the privilege of accessing your own money. There are no annual fees for the checking accounts, and you can deposit checks with their mobile apps. An easy way to increase marital harmony :)

  • I had the same question about hard boiled eggs recently, so I looked it up and found this:

    And asked good ol’ mom, and she said her main trick wasn’t about egg age, or ice water, but that you had to fill the pan with cold water 3 times, really get the eggs cool. And the 3 times is important.

    I tried ice water with one cold fill up and that kinda helped, but mostly it was my mom’s trick of filling the cold water 3 times in the pan that worked best.

    Good luck!

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